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Denver Kitchen Remodel Blue Palette

This kitchen resides in a 1940’s era brick ranch-style home. True to the period kitchen design preferences, the kitchen was a small, narrow workspace that was tucked away from the adjacent formal dining room. It was accessed via a narrow doorway, and was intended to remain out of sight. The existing cabinet volume and countertop workspace were limited.

A new design was crafted which showcases the new modern aesthetics, increases the functionality, and opens the space up to have a more natural flow.

• The wall separating the kitchen and the dining room was removed, exposing beautiful brick details and creating a warm, open flow between the two rooms. The kitchen is now a highlight of the house, no longer hidden from view.

• Cabinet storage space and counter-top workspace were increased dramatically to enhance the kitchen’s functionality. A modern flat-panel induction stovetop maximizes the available cabinet space.

• Stunning granite countertops, dark wood-paneled cabinets, a uniquely patterned tile backsplash, stainless steel appliances, and a cool blue color palette were implemented to give the kitchen an elegantly modern look.