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Indian Hills Remodel Tuscan Treasure

This property sits in Indian Hills, on a mountain overlooking the city. The 6000 sq. ft. 1950’s era house was outdated.

The owners wanted a Tuscan look for the exterior and an open, flowing floor plan for the interior of their home.

Challenges faced during the remodel:

• The owners lived in their house during the remodeling.

• New heating and cooling systems were added to the home during the cold winter months.

• The interior walls were composed of load-bearing cinderblock.


• Tan stucco, cinnamon-colored stone, and bone-colored banding were added to the exterior surfaces of the house to impart a warm, Tuscan feel.

• The roofline was transformed from a flat roof, to a hip roof in keeping with the Tuscan aesthetics.

• A large Portico was built as a part of a two-story addition welcoming visitors into the home and ushering them into a large, open foyer with an overlooking Romeo and Juliet second-story balcony.

• A two-story addition also allowed an expansive newly-designed master suite to be constructed.

• Several walls were opened up including two main-floor bedrooms allowing the newly designed floor plan to incorporate a large family room and an open, flowing feel perfect for entertaining.